About - Uisdean Hawthorn

I’m a Scottish climber, who grew up in the remote North-West Highlands. My childhood was full of associated adventures, from crofting and hunting, to walking in the mountains.

Since my late teens, I’ve reached a high standard in trad, winter and alpine climbing, in mountain ranges around the world; including first ascents in the Himalaya, Alaska, and Scotland.


I documented my adventures whilst living them, but this has since transformed into a passion: I want to take high quality images of people in their adventures and capture the true emotion that only these types of activates create.

To capture the harsh reality of the mountains, I can operate independently, remotely and efficiently. My experience operating in harsh alpine conditions has given me the humility to know the limits, and the appreciation to see how special it really is.

All enquirers including photography work and public speaking  uisdean.hawthorn@gmail.com


TRAC, Mountain Equipment, Scarpa, Tiso

Interview with Chalk Bloc

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