Uisdean Hawthorn

Cerro Torre

The second half of our time in Patagonia involved throwing ourselves at a few different routes but the main event was attempting Cerro Torre via the Ragni route. We walked in to the Torre valley, spent a day waiting out a storm. Tried to get over the Col Standhardt but failed due to some extreme Clagg on the glacier, preventing us and a few other teams from going anywhere. The next day we were about to walk out when we met our friends Kim, Dan and Garry walking in, telling us there was an okayish forecast and they were going to try the Ragni. Pete turned to me and said "well if there going we have to go in case they do it". We turned around and spent another night in the Torre valley before heading over the col the next morning. The next day the weather started bad and was due to get worse but we tried anyway. The inevitable happened at the base of the mixed pitches and the abseiling with howling wind, horizontal ropes, and frozen hair began. The walk out round the Icecap was extremely long, at times an amazing experience and at others really shit. Something that will always remind me that failure or success is sometimes quite irrelevant and its more important to notice the other small things around you which are totally unique to the exact place you are. But mostly to enjoy suffering because at the end of the day, it is inevitable.