Uisdean Hawthorn



3 days on Scottish Ice

I woke up feeling exhausted. I drag myself down stairs on very tired legs. Eat some porridge, have some toast and tea. Eat some more toast and tea. Each bit of toast getting more peanut butter and jam than the last.  This continued until lunch time. After lunch I start Sorting photos from the last 3 days. Here are a few with a few words. For more info on the routes visit http://www.scottishwinter.com/?p=5197 http://www.scottishwinter.com/?p=5230

A day on Ben Nevis where me and Guy Robertson just wondered up into Creag Coire na Ciste uncertain of what we would find. In the end we came away feeling delighted having climbed a new ice smear above stormtrooper. We called it Han Solo VIII,7 as the second pitch had a 15m run out on very thin steep ice. It felt very committing leading it unsure if the ice would get any better. Moving right matching an axe with all my weight on it, when the pick was in about 15mm of ice was all a bit exciting!  Thankfully the next 10m were slightly easier. The next 2 days on Megaidh doing The Fly Direct and Extasy was outstanding. Each route has 250m of climbing almost every pitch worth 3 or 4 stars in there own right, but to have so many of these pitches all linked together was incredible. Despite very nearly falling asleep on the drive home and the way I felt on Saturday morning it was an exceptional 3 days.

number 3 gully buttress

Han Solo, Guy leading pitch 1





Me leading pitch 3