Uisdean Hawthorn



The Winter so Far

As the is my first post I will keep the writing to a minimum and put a photo up of my top 5 routes this season so far. 1. Gemini VI,6 


Having had the line pointed out by Robin 2 years ago whilst walking out. I have looked up at it every time since. Only once has it been in condition and that time robin had broken an axe on route 2 in 60mph winds so we were running home away from the incoming hurricane.  It felt fantastic on the walk out to be looking up having finally climbed it.

Its has got some amazing features and to climb it on a sunny day with dad made it all the better.


2. Super G V,6 2nd Accent 

15588981823_bd9acb9a25_o (1)


150m of grade 3 soloing followed by 120m of steep grade VI ice.  Left me and Callum very happy on the top of Ben Nevis

The little Brenva Face is an area of Ben Nevis I would highly recommend. It gets the sun, has really cool ice features and gets you away from the crowds




3. Labyrinth Direct VII,6


A late night by chance call to dad, left us the Dubh Loch the next morning. Walking across the frozen loch was as good as the route and the route is brilliant.



4. The Messiah X,10 FWA

The Missiah Guy pulling through the big roof


My first visit to Bein Bhan was a big one, a long day, a hard route and great one. It was amazing to watch Guy and Greg lead the crux pitches. The top 3 pitches were great fun to climb, despite it being dark.




5. Gully of the gods VI,6



The next morning after 5 hours sleep in the van I managed to eat some biscuits for breakfast and follow Rory Brown back into the corrie.

The route is really cool, being such a big feature it just draws you towards it.

Leading the vertical ice on the top pitch I was very thankful for the bridge rests all the way up, as my arms were still very tired from the day before.


Rory all so convinced me to carry our sacks, it was a total faff however the views walking off were some the best i have ever seen so in the end it was worth it.